Growing Plants Have Never Looked So Gruesome

All it takes is a slight shift of perspective to realize plants are far from inanimate

They glisten as they stretch and reach up. Tiny hairs sprout. Maws gape open to reveal many wiggling protrusions. These descriptions inspired by the video above, via Natural Recall, aren’t of some kind of baby animal, but of growing plants. 

"We don’t really think of plants as being living in the same way that animals or insects are living," notes "But maybe that’s just because they move really slowly." Shown in "macro timelapse," the difference between plants and animals seems to blur. 

Videographer Daniel Csobot told Natural Recall that the plants he featured are all found in his courtyard and on his bike ride home from work. "I observe the vegetation and the nature everywhere where I am," he says. "I cultivate vegetables in my garden, go often out to walk in the nature and go rambling."

As spring starts to warm the ground of your neighborhood, look for the many creatures about to push their heads out of the ground and reach for the sun. And be glad they aren’t moving a little faster and crying out "feed me!"

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