Follow a Piece of Luggage on a Rollercoaster Ride Through the Airport

One bag’s journey through Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport

What Happens to Your Checked Luggage at the Airport

There’s something satisfying about getting a peek behind the scenes of a commonly-experienced process. That’s the joy of watching this video of checked luggage navigating the tunnels, conveyor belts and other mechanics (including a robotic arm) of its journey through the airport

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport mounted a camera on one piece of luggage as it navigated through the process, writes Rion Nakaya at The Kid Should See This. The airport’s website has a fully-immersive, 360-degree version of the the video worth checking out as well.

Schiphol Airport is the fifth busiest in terms of passengers in Europe and the world’s sixth busiest in terms of international passengers, so the infrastructure need to shuffle people’s cargo from check in to the plane and from planes back to their owner’s hands is substantial. The trip looks like it might be fun, if one was a piece of luggage.

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