Every Day of a 21-Year-Old’s Life, in One Six-Minute Video

Twenty-one years of daily photographs in just over 6 minutes

Michael Sarver

Baby time-lapses, in which photos are snapped and strung together chronically the time form birth to whenever the parents get bored and give up, are the new “it” thing for parents, says the BBC.

Part of what makes these videos so captivating is the staggering level of commitment and forethought that goes into their creation. Seeing a person develop and shift before your eyes, encapsulating years in mere minutes, is an experience that gives pause, but whether tracking the stages of pregnancy or watching a young ‘un grow, these projects need a lot of time. That notion makes this video, tracking now 21-year old Cory McLeod from the womb to adulthood, so impressive.

(As PetaPixel rightly points out, at a certain point, the images begin to flash at quite a rapid clip. If quickly moving images bother you, you may want to skip watching the video.)

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