Curiosity’s Latest: This Gigantic 3D Panorama of Mars

Using Curiosity’s left and right navigation cameras, NASA produced a 3D panorama of the Martian surface

The Rover’s view from its landing site in Gale Crater. Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Mounted to the front of the Curiosity rover’s head are two sets of navigation cameras capable of producing stereoscopic three-dimensional images. Putting the separate views of the rover’s left and right cameras together, NASA made this anaglyph 3D image of the rover’s target, Mount Sharp, seen off in the distance.

The full resolution photo is a 360° panorama, and it is quite detailed. (Two monitors can’t even fit the whole thing.) If you happen to have a set of red-blue 3D glasses kicking around, enjoy your scenic vista. You’re also lucky enough to be able to gaze upon these converted 3D images of some of space history’s greatest photos.

If, however, you can’t find that old set of 3D glasses that you pulled from a cereal box one day insisting that they’ll come in handy eventually, never fear! The Telegraph has a photo gallery of great space images that work through a Magic Eye-style technique. Just cross your eyes and enjoy the splendor.


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