Cows Can Swipe Right for Love on This New Dating App

Tudder is looking to change the livestock industry by letting farmers look for breeding mates for their cattle with an app

What a cute cowple. esvetleishaya / iStock

A new dating app, Tudder—a cheeky combo of the words “Tinder” and “udder”—is designed to help farmers find their perfect mate for their cows, Reuters reports. Created by United Kingdom-based company SellMyLivestock (SML), the app can be used to search through local cattle available for breeding to find the right partner for their animal.

The app that promises to be “100 percent Bull, 0 percent Bullshit” has eligible singles from over 42,000 UK farms, The Guardian reports. The app is an extension of the SML website launched in 2014 that’s currently used by a third of UK farmers to list their available livestock.

This isn’t exactly the first time humans applied dating apps to the animal kingdom: Zoos began converting their studbooks to a digital platform in 2018, a female orangutan swiped right her mate on a tablet at a Dutch zoo in 2017 and a wildlife refuge partnered with actual Tinder to raise money to breed the last male white rhino. But, as far as the makers know, this is the first app ever developed to match livestock, Reuters reports.

With its “swipe left, swipe right” system, the app functions almost identically to Tinder; even its logo — a cleanly-stylized pink cow udder on a black background — is reminiscent of Tinder’s iconic flame emblem. Users can choose whether they’re searching for male or female cows, then swipe through profiles that have a picture of each cow along with their breed, age, location and owner name.

Though, like Tinder, the majority of the cows have at least one booty shot in their profile pictures, that’s where the similarities end. Tudder makes sure no bovines have to deal with the sting of rejection; every right swipe is a match. And, unlike Tinder, which often has users wondering if a match is a potential boyfriend or a potential serial killer, Tudder leaves nothing to the imagination.

Once users get a match, they have the option to check out a cow’s full profile on SML where they can view more pictures along with details about health, price and availability. Tudder gets specific with the data, going so far as to provide information about milk yield, protein content and calving potential, Reuters reports, ensuring users have all the information they need before setting up the big date.

“Matching livestock online is even easier than it is to match humans because there’s a huge amount of data that sits behind these wonderful animals that predicts what their offspring will be,” Doug Bairner, CEO of Hectare Agritech which runs SML told Reuters.

The app is very new to the market, so it lacks any app store reviews or personal endorsements from farmers. We’ll likely have to wait about nine months for calves to come along in order to see if Tudder is a true match.

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