Beyond Owls And Larks: There Are Four Types of Sleepers

The two new groups include people who are rather energetic all day and others who are lethargic

gray owl
Tom Murphy/National Geographic Society/Corbis

We call people who are bright-eyed and cheery in the morning "Larks" and people whose minds work best at night "Owls." Research has shown that these night and morning preferences even affect the way we think. Plenty of people do not fit into either of those two categories, but according to a new study, which asked 130 people to answer questions about their sleep schedules, there are two other options.

Option #1: Some people are high-energy in the mid-to-late morning and in the early evening, writes Olga Khazan for The Atlantic. This group slept slightly less than the other groups—its members reported 7.5 average hours of shut-eye compared to the others’ even eight.

Option #2: These people are just dozy all day. 

Now we just need to come up with bird monikers for these other types, suggests Christian Jarrett in a post for the blogging site Research Digest. "What about Swift for the high energy category? I'm not sure about a lethargic bird. It's over to you — any ideas?" he writes. 

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