A Real, Working Transformer Robot!

This remote-controlled car turns into a walking, missile-shooting robot

Schematic drawings for the transforming robot
Schematic drawings for the transforming robot Brave Robotics

Many millennials, or millennials-at-heart, have a special fondness for robots that can turn into stuff. Cool robots are even cooler when they can flip-flop between other equally-cool forms: Cars, trucks and  fierce animals can hide anthropomorphized robots, and animal-looking-robots combine into awesome battlebots.

This train of immutable logic suggests that the 1/12th scale transforming robot made by Japanese robotics enthusiasts Brave Robotics, spearheaded by Kenji Ishida, is sure to be coveted by the aforementioned millennials.

Even better, says Engadget, “the production model is toting a missile launcher in each arm as well as a WiFi camera to follow its exploits in both car and robot modes.”

The transformer, says Geek.com, will be on display next week at Maker Faire Tokyo 2012.

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