Zombie Dinosaurs!

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I love AMC's gritty TV-adaptation of The Walking Dead, and the only way it could be better would be if they added zombie dinosaurs. That isn't going to happen, but, fortunately for those of us who would like to see undead theropods stomping around the place, young artist Martin Kevil has been working on his own zombie dinosaur horror story called "Reawakening."

The self-published comic is not due out for a few months yet, but Kevil's website features a synopsis, some background information, and some concept art. According to the website, the story is about a sleepy Illinois suburb thrown into chaos when zombie dinosaurs escape from a local research facility. Of course, large theropod dinosaurs like Acrocanthosaurus, Spinosaurus, Carnotaurus and Tyrannosaurus will be the most immediate threats to the local people, but the roster of undead dinosaurs includes Styracosaurus, Iguanodon and other normally-herbivorous dinosaurs, too. No word yet on whether the dinosaurs will shamble around groaning "BRRRrraaaIINnNS...," as per tradition, or whether that will have to be translated from their roars and grunts.

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