Your Black Friday Buy: KOTA the Triceratops

The hottest piece of prehistory this holiday season is bound to be KOTA, Playskool’s two-and-half-foot-tall baby Triceratops robot, who is popping up on the Christmas lists, and gadget blogs, of the in-crowd. (The guys at Popular Mechanics have already proclaimed it a “chick magnet.”)

This plush animatron is equipped with 11 sensors and can wiggle its horns and make all sorts of endearingly quizzical expressions and “realistic” dinosaur movements.

Speak to KOTA and he (she?) roars back; tickle KOTA, KOTA laughs. KOTA also snores and sort of snuffles – to be honest, kids, KOTA at times sounds very much like your father on a slow morning. The $300 dino even makes a munching noise when devouring leafy snacks, which come included with the toy. Also included is a volume-control device – you’re welcome, Mom! The only bad news for us big folks is that KOTA’s spring-loaded saddle has a 60-pound weight limit.

-- Abigail Tucker

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