Wild Things: Wildcats, Pigeons and More…

Cleaner wrasse fish, black widow spiders and even bananas made the news recently as part of the latest wildlife research

(Cheryl Carlin)

Cats on Camera

snow leopards
(Wildlife Conservation Society)
Endangered creatures that live only in the highest mountains of Asia, snow leopards are notoriously difficult to study. But a new survey using camera traps has generated 30 photographs of the elusive cats in 16 locations in the rugged, reportedly peaceful region of northeastern Afghanistan called the Wakhan Corridor. It’s “one of the most remote and isolated mountain landscapes in the world and a place of immense beauty,” say Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) scientists who did the study. Though the total number of snow leopards in the area isn’t known, the population appears to be healthy. Because villagers sometimes kill the cats to protect livestock, the WCS has constructed leopard-proof pens and set up livestock insurance programs.

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