Wild Things: Mongooses, Bladderworts and More…

Fairy-wrens, wasps, and a nearly 3,000 year old big toe

Splendid Fairy-wren (Malurus splendens splendens) calling. (Steven David Miller / NaturePL.com)

Shared Birthdays

Juvenile Banded Mongoose
(Mark Macewen / Peter Arnold)
Banded mongooses, small striped carnivores from sub-Saharan Africa, have unusually high "breeding synchrony"—64 percent of females give birth on the very same night. A 12-year study in Uganda reveals the reason for this phenomenon. If a mommy mongoose gives birth too early, other adults in the group may kill the new pup. And if a pup is born too late, it is too small to compete with larger litter mates and is more likely to starve.

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