Where is the Dinosaur Capital of the World?

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Earlier this week the Burpee Museum of Natural History and the Discovery Center Museum, both in Rockford, Illinois, held a ground-breaking ceremony on a $10 million expansion for the museums.  The construction will give both institutions more exhibition space, and if the comments of Burpee Museum of Natural History director Alan Brown are anything to go by, the space will be packed with dinosaurs:

"This is a culmination of four years of very hard work trying to raise the funds. We're very excited about it. The impact on Rockford we think is going to be significant to tourism, reputation. We think we're going to be the dinosaur capital of the world."

Which raises the question: what is the present dinosaur capital of the world? Naturally, it depends on who you ask. The town of Drumheller in Alberta, Canada justifiably touts itself as a top dino spot, but the town of Glen Rose, Texas has also been playing up its reputation as a place rich in dinosaur fossils. Which town deserves the title of the "Dinosaur Capital of the World?"

If you selected "other," let us know in the comments what town or city you would nominate as "Dinosaur Capital of the World."

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