Welcome to our latest blog—Dinosaur Tracking

In our “Dinosaur Tracking” blog, we’ll delve into everyone’s favorite extinctanimal group and the lost worlds they so nobly inhabited

In our "Dinosaur Tracking" blog, we'll delve into everyone's favorite extinct animal group and the lost worlds they so nobly inhabited. We'll post about paleontology news, dig into the latest controversies about how dinosaurs lived (and died), revisit the great fossil discoveries and peer over the shoulders of fossil hunters piecing together the grand scientific story of the Dinosauria.

And because dinosaurs play such a starring role in our imagination, from the old Sinclair gas mascot to Barney to the evolution game Spore, we'll also cast a skeptical and (we hope) amused eye on dinosaurs in pop culture.

Our bloggers include several paleontologically inclined Smithsonian magazine staff members (and a few who just like big scary creatures or old movies) and Rutgers University ecology and evolution student Brian Switek, whose enthusiasm for dinosaur-ology so bowled us over we recruited him to our team.

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