VIDEO: Mantis Shrimp vs. Octopus

Watch as the popular crustacean gets snared by its predator’s tentacles. Will it survive?

Mantis Shrimp Vs Octopus ... the ultimate fight!

Known for being one of the most dangerous underwater creatures on Earth, with eyes capable of seeing color beyond human comprehension, the mantis shrimp proves no match for an octopus lurking in the gravel on the ocean floor.

In this video, courtesy of WeirdunderWaterWorld, the mantis shrimp appears to be minding its own business when a veined octopus pops up from its hiding place and drags the mantis shrimp into its powerful beak.

This video may sadden the growing number of fans of the mantis shrimp, which was recently named by the popular comic blog The Oatmeal as its favorite animal. In fact, the creature has enjoyed quite a bit of recent fame: A song was even written about the colorful crustacean, elevating it to almost nyan cat status on the Web.

While this particular critter met its demise, keep in mind that the mantis shrimp is capable of devouring an entire fish whole and possesses the fastest punch in the world. When you think about it that way, maybe someone should write a song about the veined octopus.

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