Valentine’s Gifts for Your Science Geek

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Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, and you may be wondering what to buy for your own geeky Valentine (or what to request for yourself). You can start off by sending a Scientist Valentine. Darwin might be the best choice, since his 200th birthday is only two days before V-Day.

Say I love you with Darwin (courtesy of Ironic Sans)

Let’s move on to the classic gifts of chocolate and candy. There’s a chocolate-colored tee with the molecule theobromine, the chemical that makes chocolate so fun. The molecule can also be found in the form of earrings or a necklace.

You can show your love with a gummy heart, an anatomical one, that is. But consider carefully—the cannibalism aspect might scare someone off.

Has your honey been spending a lot of time crunching data from that last experiment? Maybe the chocolate pie chart would be appropriate.

Or does your other half prefer perfume? She can make her own with a Perfume Science Experiment Kit.

Edmund Scientifics has several terrariums for sale, a nice alternative to cut flowers that will only die. My favorite, though, is probably not appropriate for this occasion: Carnivorous Creations, a collection of famous meat-eating plants, including the Venus fly trap.

But let’s get real. What your Valentine really wants is jewelry. Diamonds, however, are hackneyed, so I dug up some better ideas:

Silver endorphin necklace (courtesy of Raven Hanna, Made With Molecules)

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