UPDATE: Spidernaut Dies at Natural History Museum

After 99 days in space, the museum’s new jumping spider made it only five days before dying of natural causes

Spider 631x300.jpg

The brave, space-faring spider that debuted at the Natural History Museum on Thursday after its 100-day stint at the International Space Station died yesterday. The museum announced the sad news Monday on its Facebook page, telling fans, “The loss of this special animal that inspired so many imaginations will be felt throughout the museum community.”

The spider, a red-backed jumping spider who went to space as part of a science experiment to test the animal’s ability to adapt its hunting techniques to a microgravity environment, died at 10 months of age. The museum reports that the species’ lifespan is roughly one year.

The body will be kept in the museum’s collections. Facebook comment makers wished the spider well on its now second departure from Earth.

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