This is Your Brain…In Cake

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I’ve been waiting for Cake Wrecks to feature something science-y, and I’m not disappointed in Thursday’s post, They Think They’re Organic , which features a brain, a kidney, a heart and an entire digestive tract, all made out of cake. (Much more impressive than the dinosaur cakes.)

The brain, as you can see, isn’t all that wreckalicious in my view. Of course, I do keep a squishy brain (stress ball) at my desk, and our blog overseer has several brain items in her office. (She now has a brain-shaped jello mold sitting on one shelf, just waiting for its inaugural use.)

All that said, though, I have to agree with the Wreck status bestowed on the other three cakes. Amanda, who writes our sister blog Food and Think, pointed out that these cakes shine in a way that is far too reminiscent of the organs’ actual origin. Then again, she’s not too fond of eating organ meat. And neither am I.

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