Symphony of Dinosaurs

A new video brings you a dinosaur documentary mash-up set to techno beats

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Have you ever thought about what an auto-tuned Tyrannosaurus would sound like? Wonder no more. “Symphony of Science”—the YouTube series that mashes up science documentary clips to backing music—has just taken on the “awesome, awe-inspiring” dinosaurs. Sharp-eyed dinosaur fans will no doubt recognize clips from the BBC’s “How to Build a Dinosaur“, Jurassic Park, Dinosaurs Alive! and other shows.

But there is one major nit to pick. The short film features more than a few pterosaurs—flying archosaurs that were emphatically not dinosaurs. The same footage could be used accurately if the video’s title were changed to “Avemetatarsalia!!” rather than “Dinosaurs!!” but I admit that the term for the broader group that includes both dinosaurs and pterosaurs does not have the same popular appeal.

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