Sushi Substitute

Horse and deer meat don't sound like great substitutes for the raw, fatty, red flesh of tuna. But that's what a Japanese chef served during the last sushi crises in Japan in the 1970s, according to a recent article in the New York Times.

With global demand for sushi increasing, and accusations of overfishing rampant, it's possible Japanese chefs may have to become creative once again. Another recent New York Times story stated that the United States has accused Europe of overfishing bluefin tuna, a prized sushi catch. 

European nations plan to fish out the maximum amount of bluefin tuna recommended by ICCAT, an international fishing body. The problem is, that limit is roughly twice what the organizations scientific advisors recommend.

Such a scenario demonstrates that overfishing will continue, and that equine and venison may not be far off.

Extra wasabi anyone?

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