Spiders Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before (Photos)

In honor of Save a Spider Day, we’ve picked the best photo contest submissions that showcase the beauty of spiders across the globe

Take a look at these beautiful close-ups, and read why we should all celebrate Save a Spider Day.

Photo above: A spider seeks shelter from the rain.
Photo and caption by Derek Slevin (Escondido, CA). Derek Slevin (Escondido, CA)
Close-up with a jumping spider.
Photo by Thomas Vignaud (Marseille, France). Thomas Vignaud (Marseille, France)
A tiny jumping spider on a pink rhododendron.
Photo and caption by Amadee Ricketts (Durango, CO). Amadee Ricketts (Durango, CO)
Death match for one square inch of territory.
Photo and caption by Ang Ronnie (Singapore). Ang Ronnie (Singapore)
A mushroom provides a lookout for a jumping spider.
Photo by Andrey Antov (Oxford, CT). Andrey Antov (Oxford, CT)
A male Phidippus insignarius jumping spider performing his courtship display for a female.

Photo and caption by Colin Hutton (Durham, NC). Colin Hutton (Durham, NC)
Spiny orb weaver spiders hanging on a web.
Photo by Jessie Knott (Pensacola, Fl). Jessie Knott (Pensacola, Fl)
A spider with its prey on a flower.
Photo and caption by Thomas Vignaud (Marseille, France). Thomas Vignaud (Marseille, France)
A jumping spider on the bottom of a log.
Photo and caption by Scott Trageser. Scott Trageser
A Phidippus Audax jumping spider sitting on a green leaf on a North Carolina porch.
Photo and caption by Mickey Moten (Kings Mountain, NC). Mickey Moten (Kings Mountain, NC)
Jumping spider makes eye contact.

Photo by Cory Wong (Granada Hills, CA). Cory Wong (Granada Hills, CA)
A green spider (Araniella cucurbitina) spins its web between two trees.
Photo and caption by Gonzalo Acuña (Montevideo, Uruguay). Gonzalo Acuña (Montevideo, Uraguay)
A piece of lint perfectly balanced on the head of a jumping spider.
Photo and caption by Mayu Morita (Esparto, CA). Mayu Morita (Esparto, CA)
Hopping a ride on the hood of a car.
Photo by Matthew Baker (Lorida, Fl). Matthew Baker (Lorida, Fl)
A Golden Orb spider on its web in a palm tree.
Photo by Myrthon Joselito M. Magno (Quezon City, Philippines). Myrthon Joselito M. Magno (Quezon City, Philippines)

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