Should You Protect Your Home With a Dinosaur Patrol?

The pros and cons of the Robotic Dinosaur Home Security System

Jacqueline Moen

It sounds like a dream come true: a robotic dinosaur that will patrol your home on the lookout for burglars. But the reality isn't quite as much fun as the fantasy. Created in 2002, the Robotic Dinosaur Home Security System is little more than a robotic Triceratops with a camera in its snout. The creature runs about $20,000, and I imagine they only ever really take pictures of the thieves who steal them. (The fact that they are slow and hold a battery charge for only about an hour aren't major selling points, either.)

If you really want to scare off criminals, I think it would be better to get a few Komodo dragons and put up a sign reading "Beware: Sentry Monitors." Then again, if you did that you might not want to leave your own house.

TMSUK Banryu

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