See Tyrannosaurus Take a Bite out of Alamosaurus

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Earlier this week, I wrote about how the sauropod Alamosaurus lived alongside and may have been preyed upon by Tyrannosaurus. At the time I could not think of any illustrations of Tyrannosaurus going after the long-necked dinosaur, but a few readers were able to find some.

Reader ian remembered seeing such a restoration in a children's book, but he also pointed out an obvious example I had missed:

"Also, in the film Jurassic Park, the visitor center has the mounted skeletons of a tyrannosaurus and an alamosaurus fighting."

I was also glad to hear from professional paleo-artist Michael Skrepnick. He had illustrated a confrontation between Tyrannosaurus and Alamosaurus in conjunction with paleontologist Scott Sampson sometime before the 2005 paper describing the co-occurrence of these dinosaurs. It looks just like I imagined.

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