Science Writers Have Fun Today

It’s April Fool’s Day, and science writers across the web are having fun with us.

Bad Astronomy: Spirit sees phenomenal Martian vista

Greg Laden’s Blog: New rodent species discovered

Evolving Thoughts: New work on lateral transfer shows that Darwin was wrong (John Wilkins is in Sydney, if you’re wondering why this appeared yesterday)

Eruptions: Eruption at Yellowstone Lake

Tetrapod Zoology: Recently discovered late-surviving carnivorous reptiles probably explain the origin of the dragon myth

Adventures in Ethics and Science: Outing pseudonymous bloggers

Wired created an entirely new blog for today: jockdad. Our favorite? 5 Reasons Huntin’ Stuff Is Better than Learnin’ About Stuff

The London-based Guardian newspaper: Twitter switch for Guardian, after 188 years of ink

And the BBC is out with video of a new discovery—the mythical shark-whale (see video above). Last year they brought us flying penguins (and also told us how they did it).

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