Science Contests Across the Web

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I’ve noticed quite a few science-related contests in the last few weeks and thought I’d share my favorites:

Contest for ages 13 through adult:

​Your job is to create a cartoon that can be used to educate the general public and especially decision makers (state legislators, school board members) about the truth behind one false argument. Choose an argument… and create a cartoon that corrects the record.​

Contest for ages 12 and under:

Your job is to create a cartoon that tells everyone “why understanding science is important.”

Don’t worry if you can’t draw—“All entries must be drawn using stick figures.” (HT: Bad Astronomy)

  • The 2009 American Association of Physics Teachers High School Physics Photo Contest:
  • Natural photos are those that involve everyday situations that may demonstrate a variety of physics concepts. Any spontaneous event is considered natural.
  • Contrived photos are those that are set up to show a particular physics concept or related set of concepts. Contrived Photos represent non-spontaneous events.

AAPT sponsors quite a few contests and competitions, but my personal favorite is the Six Flags America Roller Coaster Design Contest, which will take place at Six Flags America on April 24.

Not exactly science, or even technology, but LEGOs are always fun. And who says you can’t build something with a science theme?

So which contest will you enter?

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