Return of the Dinosaucers?

After two decades, the "Dinosaucers" might be coming back. No, I am not talking about a line of collectible plates with dinosaurs emblazoned on them, but a 1987 cartoon that starred dinosaurs from space. Even though scores of episodes were created only the first season was actually aired, but rumor has it that the alien dinosaurs might make a comeback.

Over the past week artist Brett Booth has been sharing some concept art for a potential Dinosaucers project. So far he has given us a sneak peek at Allo the Allosaurus, Tricero the Triceratops, Ghengis Rex the Tyrannosaurus and an as-yet-unnamed Agustinia character, though there is no doubt that these are just a handful of the entire prehistoric cast. They look much better than their 1980s counterparts, though, and Brett has done a great job incorporating new scientific discoveries into the concept art.

Do you think it is time for a Dinosaucers comeback? Cast your vote in the poll below:

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