Name a Giant Dinosaur

Should Mamenchisaurus go by the nickname Neckita? Mei Mei? Tiny? Vote now

The Mamenchisaurus centerpiece in the "World's Largest Dinosaurs" exhibit. (Photo by Flickr user gsz)

The sauropod at the center of the American Museum of Natural History’s “World’s Largest Dinosaurs” exhibit goes by a few different names. Her scientific name is Mamenchisaurus, but she tweets under the name Giant_Dino (mostly about food—as the exhibit explains, she has a big appetite!). Now the AMNH is asking visitors to help give this dinosaur a nickname.

After narrowing down the possibilities to Brook, Neckita, Mei Mei, Tiny, or Mame, the museum has opened up voting on what the sauropod’s name should be. The poll remains open until June 5. Whatever you call this hungry, hungry dinosaur, though, just don’t call her late for dinner.


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