Mammoths are Dwarfed by Dinosaurs in Ice Age 3

I have written about arctic dinosaurs a few times over the last several months, but I don't think this is what paleontologists are thinking of when they consider polar dinosaurs.

This trailer for Ice Age 3 shows a little more of what to expect from the film than the first one, but it looks like it's another Land of the Lost type of story. As if that were not enough to fill an hour and a half, the Wikipedia entry for the film tells us that two leading mammoths are going to have a baby, the saber-toothed cat is undergoing an existential crisis, and the group finds a new friend in a dino-hunting weasel named Buck. With all these different plot points perhaps we should not worry about the scientific inaccuracy of the film so much as its overcomplicated story. Still, it is hard to say no to dinosaurs, and I will probably be in line to get tickets for this film come July 4.

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