Los Angeles’ New Dinosaur Hall

Buzz about the new displays, particularly a trio of Tyrannosaurus growth stages, has been growing for months

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The opening of a new dinosaur hall is always cause for celebration, and the new permanent exhibition at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County sounds wonderful. Buzz about the new displays—particularly a trio of Tyrannosaurus growth stages—has been growing for months. Now the public can finally see the exhibits for themselves.

I’m a little too far away from L.A. to just bop over there and check out the new exhibits, but fortunately, other paleo bloggers have got you covered there. A Central Coast Paleontologist has a hyperbolic review, replete with videos from the museum, and David Orr at Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs has collected a number of Flickr snapshots taken by others at the opening event. The exhibit certainly looks wonderful, and I will certainly share my thoughts on it when I eventually make my way out to the west coast.

Have you seen the new NHM dinosaur exhibit? Share your reactions in the comments.

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