Land of the Lost Returns: Will Ferrell, Dinosaurs and Sleestaks!

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I was too young to have caught the original Land of the Lost television series, but I do remember the 90’s Saturday morning revamp. Who could forget the adventures of the Porter family in an alternate world stalked by dinosaurs and only helped by their cavewoman friend Christa and ape-man Stink? Actually, come to think of it, I wish I could forget the theme song, which is bound to be stuck in my head all day…

It seems that executives at Universal Studios did not forget about the show, either. Next summer, moviegoers will be able to see funnyman Will Ferrell flee from dinosaurs and the humanoid Sleestaks (Ed. Note -- No, not the Sleestaks!) in the big-screen adaptation of Land of the Lost. No trailer has been released yet, but this past week the movie news site Cinematical released the first poster for the movie (included here).

Those who have been waiting for a Jurassic Park IV should take heart. With this year’s Journey to the Center of the Earth, Land of the Lost and Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs due out next year, it seems that the terrible reptiles are still some of the biggest stars on the silver screen.

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