From Close Up or Far Away, Amazing Volcano Photos

Geologist Bernhard Edmaier has been photographing the majestic beauty of active and dormant volcanoes for over 15 years

Bacteria produces the vivid colors in the Gran Prismatic Spring. (Bernhard Edmaier)


Crater Fields
(Maura McCarthy)

In his new book, Earth on Fire, photographer and geologist Bernhard Edmaier wanted to show more than just the traditional pyrotechnics of volcano eruptions. The crater fields surrounding the Marsabit Volcano show how dramatically volcanoes can shape the landscape. More than 200 craters appeared 500,000 years ago when the volcano became active after a long dormant period. They are all part of Marsabit, a shallow-sloped volcano classified as a shield volcano, which rises 3,000 feet above the Chalbi Desert.


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