Dinosaur Sightings: George Washasaurus

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Dinosaurs are everywhere, from natural history museums to roadside signs, so we here at Dinosaur Tracking are starting up a new regular feature called "Dinosaur Sightings."

Our first entry comes from our own Brian Wolly, a Smithsonian.com web editor who stumbled across "George Washasaurus" while visiting Pittsburgh. Created by artist Barbara Anderson in 2003 as part of Pittsburgh's "DinoMite Days," the Torosaurus was one of many dinosaur sculptures that inhabited the city. Dressed in colonial military garb, George stood out from the others, but thankfully he was not actually in command of a prehistoric army.

If you have a photo of a dinosaur in an unexpected place (i.e. somewhere other than a museum) please send it to us! It may be featured here as one of our Dinosaur Sightings.

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