Dinosaur Sighting: Roadside Triceratops

The main drag of Dinosaur, Colorado is festooned with a number of goofy-looking dinosaurs

Dinosaur, Colorado's Triceratops
Dinosaur, Colorado's Triceratops Photo by author

While spending the week at Utah’s Dinosaur National Monument looking for fossils with the Utah Museum of Natural History field crew, two graduate students and I took one afternoon off to visit nearby Dinosaur, Colorado. The small town has certainly taken dinosaurs as its mascots. In addition to the streets named after dinosaurs—you can travel down Stegosaurus Freeway or amble along “Antrodemus” Alley—the town’s main drag is festooned with a number of goofy-looking dinosaurs, including a strange Triceratops. The sculpture has the standard accoutrements of the famous dinosaur—the three horns and the frill—but the super-long snout, molars and tongue make this playground ornament one creepy Triceratops.

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