Dinosaur Sighting: Pumpkinosaurs

Watch out! Get to close to these giant, jack o’ lantern dinosaurs and they might squash you

Pumpkin Tyrannosaurus at the Great Jack O' Lantern Blaze (Photo by Stacey De Lorenzo)

I really do wish that I were better at carving pumpkins. Sure, I can paint a crummy Velociraptor on the side of the seasonal squash, but the ability to carve a scary dinosaur into a pumpkin is a skill that has eluded me so far. And I have just found out that a group of artists in New York have raised the bar considerably. This year, the annual Great Jack O’ Lantern Blaze in Westchester County is home to several massive dinosaurs made from multiple illuminated pumpkins. Ever see jack o’ lanterns that could squash you? These would be the ones.

Thanks to Laura Downing for the tip and Stacey De Lorenzo for the photographs.

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