Dinosaur Sighting: Minne the Lake Monster

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Frequent dino-spotter Mark Ryan has sent us another sighting from the Twin Cities area, this time at the Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis. Named Minne, the prehistoric creature in this photo has popped up in several lakes over the past few years, although it is difficult to say exactly what Minne is. Minne's official website simply says that she is a "lake creature", and the fact that she is entirely aquatic means that she can't be one of the land-dwelling sauropod dinosaurs. Some kind of long-necked plesiosaur would be a better bet, though I would want a look at the rest of Minne before saying for sure. Maybe Nessie knows.

Have you stumbled across a dinosaur in an unexpected place? If you have, and have a photo of the encounter, send it to us via [email protected]!

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