Dinosaur Sighting: Miniature Mesozoic Battle

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Most of the dinosaur sightings readers have sent in are of big creatures, but this week we have dinosaurs on a smaller scale.

Following up her last submission of a giant pliosaur—which wasn't a dinosaur, but a fearsome Mesozoic marine reptile—former Food & Think blogger Amanda Bensen (now Fiegl) has sent us a photo of a dinosaur action scene from Washington, D.C. I like it. It's a nice mix of some of the old, grotesque dinosaur toys I had as a kid and some of the newer models. I wonder which side will win? The grumpy, outdated dinosaurs, or their supercharged replacements?

Have you seen a dinosaur (or other ancient beast) in an unusual place? Please send us your sighting via [email protected]!

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