Dinosaur Sighting: Maine’s Pink Triceratops

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The coast of Maine, like any good vacation destination, is full of fudge shops. They all tend to have the same selection of candies, the same line of sunburned kids and the same sticky sweet smell. But only one (that I know of) has a shocking pink triceratops Styracosaurus (sharp readers: thanks for the catch!) out front. The color doesn't come through well in this rainy-day photo, but the dino is as pink as pink can be. It's in front of Perry's Nut House (you can see more pictures at the website of the shop next door, Bennett's Gems and Jewelry) in Belfast, Maine, just off of coastal Highway 1. Perry's is no South of the Border when it comes to tourist traps, but the triceratops Styracosaurus probably does lure in a lot of vacationers taking the scenic route to Acadia National Park.

Have you stumbled across a dinosaur in an unexpected place? If you have, and have a photo of the encounter, send it to us via [email protected]!

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