Dinosaur Sighting: Ketchupsaurus and Company

Eight years ago, 100 decorative dinosaurs roamed Pittsburgh, and some of them are still in town

A trio of Pittsburgh dinosaurs - from the left, Philiposaurus, Ketchupsaurus, Mr. Dig (Photo by Traci Suppa)

Eight years ago, 100 dinosaurs roamed Pittsburgh. They trod into town as part of the DinoMite Days event. Many have since disappeared, but a few—including a Tyrannosaurus posing as Batman—have recently been spotted. Reader Traci Suppa sent in a snapshot of an additional three decorative dinosaurs. A Stegosaurus (“Philiposaurus”), Torosaurus (“Ketchupsaurus”) and Tyrannosaurus (“Mr. Dig”) still stand outside the Wintergarden building at PPG Place in the middle of the city. I especially like the Ketchupsaurus—if only condiments actually came in Torosaurus-shaped bottles.

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