Dinosaur Sighting: I Think it Has Spotted Us!

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Sometimes, while driving down the highway, I imagine what it would be like if dinosaurs came back to life. Would drivers have to watch out for Hadrosaurus and Dryptosaurus in addition to deer, raccoons, and opossums? Of course we will never know (and that's probably a good thing), but a sculpture towering over the trees along I-65 in Kentucky might make drivers look twice in their rear view mirrors. Not far from Mammoth Cave National Park, an enormous fiberglass Tyrannosaurus stares over the trees at interstate travelers, announcing the presence of the local attraction Dinosaur World. It is one of three similar parks established in Kentucky, Texas, and Florida, and you can keep up with events at the parks through their blog.

Have you stumbled across a dinosaur in an unexpected place? If you have, and have a photo of the encounter, send it to us via [email protected]!

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