Dinosaur Sighting: A Cheerful Diplodocus

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If you are on your way to Dinosaur National Monument in Utah, keep your eye out for dinosaurs by the side of the road. There are plenty of them, and one of the most prominent is a large Diplodocus that stands outside a gift shop just before the entrance to the park. The store itself was closed when I stopped by (the closure of the monument's famous fossil wall has hurt local businesses that have depended on tourists coming to see the dinosaurs), but the sauropod still stands outside ready to pose for a picture with you.

And on another note, a few readers raised questions about one of our earlier "Dinosaur Sightings." Some have said that the Tyrannosaurus from Oregon's "Prehistoric Gardens" was actually from Colorado, Texas, or another state. I did some checking and it looks like we got the right Tyrannosaurus in the right place, but the statue did look very similar to other versions of Tyrannosaurus seen on roadsides across America. Perhaps, just like the real prehistoric creature they are based on, this particular form of man-made Tyrannosaurus inhabits a range over much of North America.

Have you seen a dinosaur in an unexpected place? Snap a photo and send it to [email protected] and you just might see it here!

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