Dino B-Movie Alert: Triassic Attack

Regular readers know that I can't resist cheesy dinosaur movies, and a new SyFy feature set to debut late next month will be the latest stinker to be heaped on the pile of bad dino cinema.

Called Triassic Attack, this direct-to-video schlock features the reanimated skeletons of a pterosaur and a Tyrannosaurus that set about chomping up the boneheaded attendees of a local college. It just figures, doesn't it? The film is called Triassic Attack, but both of its monstrous stars were Cretaceous creatures. With a title like that, I was hoping that one of the crocodile-like rauisuchians—such as the toothy predator Prestosuchus—or the early predatory dinosaur Herrerasaurus might make an appearance. No such luck, apparently.  

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