We humans may prefer to spend our winters indoors where it’s warm, away from the harsh, frigid elements, but these bears, bunnies, birds and more seem to enjoy being out in the snow. A few inches of frosty flakes don’t send them scampering for cover. They know the season is fleeting, so they appreciate the winter while it’s here. Meanwhile, we can enjoy their wintry antics from the cozy comfort of our own homes thanks to these seasonal shots.
The Icelandic horse is the only breed native to the nation, and laws there prevent other horses from being imported, keeping the breed pure. Galloping along the frigid plain, they seem to glide through the snow. Holly Fischer, Iceland, 2020
Subzero temperatures create fine conditions for a leisurely walk, at least for these penguins. Lina Wong, Antarctica, 2018
Although hunting grizzly bears is widely prohibited across most of the United States, they continue to face threats, such as deforestation and urban development. Tristan Adler, Wyoming, 2020

This image of a cardinal sitting on the branch of an evergreen while snow falls would be perfect for a greeting card. Mark Archibald, Ohio, 2021
A wild Canada lynx runs toward an out-of-frame blue jay that landed in the snow. Dinner? Megan Lorenz, Canada, 2019
White Ermine
White ermines, small weasel-like animals, are hard to see when the inches of snow accumulate, but they’re a sight to behold when you catch a glimpse. Tim Auer, Wyoming, 2016

A lone buffalo traverses the terrain at Antelope Island. Robert Fischer, Utah, 2019
Golden Monkeys
Tails tucked in, these three golden monkeys stay close and withstand the cold temperatures together. Minqiang Lu, China, 2020
Humpback whale
A humpback whale seemingly waves to onlookers using its tail as it swims in icy waters. Tony Zhao, Antarctica, 2018

Corralled reindeer rush across the frigid terrain on Nunivak Island, home to a small community of fewer than 500 people for whom the reindeer are a valuable resource. Kris Cheng, Alaska, 2019
The usually reddish coat of this fox turns white in the winter, helping it hunt smaller animals and survive the harsh environment. Xiang Liu, China, 2019

Polar Cubs
There’s nothing like a good wrestling match to help pass the time and keep warm during an arctic snowfall. Thomas Chadwick, Alaska, 2017
Have a pair of car headlights caught the attention of these deer? Bill Yeaton, Maine, 2009

Squirrels are known to store nuts for winter, when finding sustenance can become more difficult, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get out and enjoy the snow. Trey Lindsay, Tennessee, 2010

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