Blog Carnival #34: Dino Petting Zoo, Tyrannosaurus v. Triceratops and More

In this month’s roundup of the best of dino blogs, read about a dinosaur petting zoo, the 10 commandments of paleoart and much more

A dinosaur you can pet
A dinosaur you can pet Image courtesy of Flickr user Merrigong

Three Words You Never Expected to See Together: “Dinosaur petting zoo.” Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs has the details.

Staged Fight: At Archosaur Musings, David Hone casts doubt on the likelihood of a Tyrannosaurs vs. Triceratops smackdown.

Thou Shalt Honor Anatomy: ArtEvolved delivers unto us the “Ten Commandments of Paleoart.”

The Paleo-States of America: Bob’s Dinosaur Blog provides a clickable map of the most notable dinosaurs and prehistoric animals that have been discovered in each of the fifty U.S. states.

Caveat Excavator: At Chinleana, Bill Parker learns that what happens at a field study doesn’t always stay at a field study.

Lack of Space: Paleoartist Glendon Mellow, who is now also blogging at Symbiartic, poses an intriguing question: Where are all the space-art bloggers?

Further Proof That You Can Find ANYTHING On Craigslist: You know economic times are tough when someone offers his services as a costumed dinosaur housekeeper. (Duties include scaring the mailman and washing dishes).

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