Amazing Underwater Photos of Ocean Creatures

Check out these incredible images by photojournalist Brian Skerry, and help select which photographs will appear in an upcoming exhibit

(Brian Skerry )

Leatherback Turtle

(Brian Skerry )

Skerry saw this large adult female leatherback turtle in Trinidad at about 1 or 2 a.m. using the moon as his light source. A flash was out of the question—the white light disturbs the nesting patterns of the turtles.

“Leatherbacks are the oldest, deepest-diving and widest-ranging of all sea turtle species,” Skerry says. “Their lineage dates back more then 100 million years—they’re older than dinosaurs, yet today they are also endangered.”

Vote for this photo to appear in the Natural History Museum’s Portraits of Planet Ocean exhibit, set to open in February 2013!

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