25 Stunning Photographs of the Natural World

A collection of winning photographs from the Nature’s Best Photography competition, on display now at the Museum of Natural History

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall
Seljalandsfoss is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland. Dropping from a 200-foot-high cliff to a deep pool below, this unusual waterfall of the Seljalandsá River has a unique indentation in the rock face that allows visitors to hike behind the picturesque falls. Lush greenery and a wide variety of colorful wildflowers surround the falls.

As photographer Mike Reyfman describes, "Getting in touch with the natural wonders of Iceland can be a very exhilarating and enlightening experience. Located along the south coast is one of its most breathtaking waterfalls. To take a panoramic capture of the Seljalandsfoss, a photographer must be prepared for the intense mist and huge dynamic range." Mike Reyfman

The best of nature photography is brought together by Nature's Best Photography in a competition that rewards photographers whose work gets at the heart of the natural world. The competition was created with the goals of increasing appreciation for the natural world, and raising awareness about conservation needs. Winners are currently on display at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, offering visitors a rare and striking look at the natural world.