(Tamir Ben Kalifa)
(Tamir Ben Kalifa)
(Tamir Ben Kalifa)
(Tamir Ben Kalifa)
(Eli Reed)

Shooting Stars: Eli Reed Presents Tamir Ben Kalifa

The youngest of our featured photographers, Kalifa is a documentarian on the rise

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I’ve been one of Tamir’s teachers for the last few years, and he’s one of the most focused and talented students I have ever worked with. He has impressed me with his attention to ongoing life. He has a great intelligence and ability to absorb what is happening in the darkness as well as in the light; he is constantly inquisitive and searching for complete truths in all their complex reality. He already has strong compositional skills and a smart understanding of lighting that helps reveal the inner story; more unusual, Tamir is patient in his work and has a sense of how to be tactful while moving toward the place he needs to be in order to make the pictures. He does not show off his expertise; he infuses the delivered work in it. -- Eli Reed

Eli Reed, a photojournalist with Magnum and a professor at the University of Texas at Austin, received the 2011 Lucie Award for Achievement in Documentary Photography. Tamir Ben Kalifa, 22, will intern at the Boston Globe this summer.

Selected by Eli Reed for our special issue, this up-and-coming photographer discusses his work

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