Sailing on the Chesapeake Bay. Annapolis, Maryland. (David Moss)
Curly fries and hot dogs on a stick. Newcastle, Washington. (Rick Takagi)
The workbench at an oil field. Los Angeles, California. (Rick Miller)
A cat sitting by an old flag. Highway 8, Virginia. (Benita Vanwinkle)
America the Faithful. Moorpark, California. (Chris Rivera)
American pickup truck in a junkyard. Mojave Desert, California. (David Evans)
Tinsel Flag. Northwestern Arizona (David Vessey)
American flag blowing in the wind in front of the Sierra Mountains. Near Lonepine, California. (Randall Hodges)
"Metal Old Glory" adornes a hollowed-out storefront on Main Street. Attica, Kansas. (Benjamin Wilkinson)
Showing off her fashion sense and patriotism. Corktown neighborhood, Detroit, Michigan. (Sebastian Sullen)
Ted's Garage. Palouse, Washington. (Jia han Dong)
Bulls Head on a wall. Route 66, Arizona. (Sam Flowers)
Adding flags to the Memorial Day Watchfire. Syracuse, New York. (Bob Gates)
Faded Glory. Galena, Illinois. (Ken Rathke)
Two american soldiers walk in front of an LED american flag in Times Square. New York City, New York. (Jennifer Fulginiti)
Patriotic Water Drops. Taylor, Michigan. (Tiffany Swoish)
Home at the seaside. Sarasota, Florida (Carina Wachsmann)
"No Fishing?" North Carolina. (Cynthia Hoover)
Discovery flies past Dulles airport. Sterling, Virginia. (Mr. Pichler)
Alaskan dogsleds. Near Shishmaref, Alaska. (Gregory Murrey)

Images of the Star-Spangled Banner from Across the Country

See images of the American flag captured by our readers.

One of the stalwarts of our annual photo contest is the Americana category, where we've seen photographs of cowboys, county fairs and urban cityscapes. But one of the constants has been the American flag, a recurring pattern populating images from across the country. Here are some of our favorites.


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