A Snowball Fight in the West Bank

For the first time in their lifetimes, these teenagers got to enjoy the thrill of a fresh layer of snow

Teenagers in the West Bank hit a Volkswagen Beetle with a snowball. (Caroline Lacey)

Perfect Snowball on Car

Snow in Middle East
(Caroline Lacey)
With soaking wet socks on their hands for gloves, Sajida and her friends once again scooped up some snow and took their positions. The little bug had good speed coming down the hill and would have made a difficult target to hit, but just as it entered the battle zone, something gentle rose. The car slowed to an almost complete stop. “Go ahead,” it was saying. Everyone took a few steps in and waited to be sure, then smiled at the car in thanks for this soft and spirited gesture. And with the same grace, the kids tossed their snowballs at the car, most landing near the edges, but one landing with a small thump on the windshield. The perfect simplicity of its placement sent the kids into a roaring laugh as the car dusted its self off before continuing down the hill. With no more cars in sight, they turned on each other.

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