A Snowball Fight in the West Bank

For the first time in their lifetimes, these teenagers got to enjoy the thrill of a fresh layer of snow

Teenagers in the West Bank hit a Volkswagen Beetle with a snowball. (Caroline Lacey)

Hit By Snowball

Snow in Middle East
(Caroline Lacey)
For Sajida Hattab, a 19-year-old university student in the West Bank, it was the magic of her first snow this past January that marked the day. The Palestinian territory hadn’t had snow in years and even when it had, Sajida’s family had been on vacation for the winter in Saudi Arabia. The weeks leading up to the snow had been bathed in golden light and a temperature in the high 60s. Snow is unusual in the West Bank and they lack the infrastructure to handle it, so when it came, the city just stopped, and as if in unison, sunk into the playful nature of a small child. No one was immune. Streets became a community where a smile really meant “Can I play with you?” and a “Yes, please" was returned with a snowball to the head.

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