September 2021

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group of women first responders in uniform, standing and sitting with Ground Zero in the background. Three are seated and holding white bouquets

After 9/11

These portraits of resilience recall the day when loved ones, friends and colleagues perished in the terrorist attacks

SOCIAL - Mummy Cave

In the Land of the Ancient Ones

Nearly a century after Morris excavated ancestral Native lands, filmmakers return with an inclusive approach that brings Navajo Nation onto the big screen

SOCIAL OPENER - Holmes' hands

Blues in a Minor Key

Jimmy Holmes is the last in a line of music legends as he seeks to keep a singular American art form thriving

farmers looking through grain in field

Seeds of Conflict

The ancient plants at the heart of the conflict are essential to science—and might hold clues to new superfoods



Your feedback on the Everglades, doo-wop, bird naming and more

Our Shared Future

In a deeply divided moment, a new initiative aims to bring Americans together by reckoning with our racial past


King of the Road

At first, it was all about hauling things we needed. Then the vehicle itself became the thing we wanted


What If?

Toyin Ojih Odutola conjures a world that might have been


Decoding Lady Wroth

The Renaissance noblewoman is little known today, but in her time she was a notorious celebrity


Dateline: Tampa

A 19th-century reporter’s invaluable guide offers a look at the earliest residents of the area surrounding the Tampa Bay


When Time Stopped

The handheld item, belonging to an American crew member, stopped minutes before the ship sank

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