October 2006

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The Planet Hunters

Astronomers have found about 200 planets orbiting other stars, and they say it's only a matter of time before they discover another Earth

What Makes a Planet?

Why our solar system just shrank


Return to the Marsh

The effort to restore the Marsh Arabs' traditional way of life in southern Iraq—virtually eradicated by Saddam Hussein —faces new threats

Philadelphia was, and remains, the crucible of North American cricket

Cricket, Anyone?

The game is both very British and, to Americans, very confusing. But it was once our national pastime, and its gaining fans on these shores


Cricket for Dummies

It's a lot like baseball. Except that it's profoundly different


Fabric of Their Lives

There's a new exhibition of works by the quilters of Gee's Bend, Alabama, whose lives have been transformed by worldwide acclaim for their artistry

Neanderthal Man

Svante Pääbo has probed the DNA of Egyptian mummies and animals. Now he hopes to decode the DNA of our evolutionary cousins

Say What?

In an era of global communications, regional dialects are hanging in there, y'all

The Painter Who Hated Picasso

Sporting artist Alfred Munnings loved horses, the English countryside and a good stiff drink. What he didn't like was modern art

Lincoln's Patent

Inventive Abe

In 1849, a future president patented an amazing addition to transportation technology

October Letters

Readers respond to the August issue

Wild Things: Life as We Know It

Bumblebees, elephants and endless summer

October Anniversaries

Momentous or merely memorable

Last Page: Moonstruck

You can't believe everything you think


The Object at Hand

Inventive Abe

In 1849, a future president patented an amazing addition to transportation technology

Indelible Images

When He Said "Jump..."

Philippe Halsman defied gravitas

Presence of Mind

300 Million and Counting

The United States reaches a demographic milestone, thanks largely to immigration

From the Secretary


Our fossil collection is already the world's largest. But we're in search of a complete T. rex.

What's Up

What's Up

Body language, new stripes and prime real estate